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Stacey Jackson: Living her dreams

The singer's career continues to expand, with no signs of slowing down

By Clementine Heath

Stacey Jackson wearing pink against a backdrop of roses
Stacey Jackson (Image: Provided)

For Stacey Jackson, Art in form is “flexible”. The multifaceted Canadian artist knows no bounds – she’s fearless when it comes to life and embracing opportunity. If you’re not familiar with her name, this award winning singer/songwriter/TV presenter/entrepreneur, and now a published author, has carved out an inspiring path for herself professionally. At a time in her adult life when many begin to mellow out and take a break, Stacey’s career continues to morph and expand with no sign of slowing down. This mother of four, now in her fifties, has so much more up her sleeves.

Exploding on the music scene ten years ago with her debut single, a dance remake of the 1960s classic ‘Band of Gold’, Stacey “Stae” Jackson at the time was 40 years old. Following its success and four subsequent albums later, in 2021 she celebrated the ten-year anniversary of another hit single ‘Live It Up’ by re-releasing it with a special addition, collaborating with iconic rapper Snoop Dogg. The ‘Live It Up: Rebooted feat. Snoop Dogg’ successfully hit the dance & club charts landing her another top ten record.  For Jackson, was this ever the expectation, launching a successful music career at forty? No. Had she always dreamed of living out this reality? Yes. What became of her life’s story is like something out of a movie, and the inspiration behind her first book, ‘How A Gangsta Rapper Made Me A Better Mom.’

Master of your destiny

Jackson’s childhood does, in many ways, allude to the idea of being “written in the stars”. What she’s manifested was all there in the making, it just happened to be that the fame and success was to come later in life. Unlike many of the self-made celebrities and influencers of today who start building their brand at birth, Jackson’s journey took a different route. As her mantra goes, “It’s never too late to live your dreams”.

There is no denying that Jackson is a natural born performer. Her social media platforms are filled with content sharing her live performances and music videos, her DIY workouts to motivate stay-at-home moms. Not to forget her StaeFit activewear line, and that she hosted four seasons of Stacey Jackson in the 80s, launching on Spotlight TV back in 2021. Her investment in her brand comes from a place of knowing and understanding through her own experiences, and there’s a genuine enjoyment that beams from her – she just loves her fans and what she can contribute to inspire others.

Jackson’s exposure to music as a child was vast. Growing up in Canada, her father was a graphic designer for a record label, igniting much of her curiosity for music. Jackson would sing aloud musically with friends entertaining all who would listen. She nurtured her passion for singing and music throughout her childhood, going so far as to gather a group of local kids together to perform a song and dance routine on national television for The Jerry Lewis Telethon. “I just loved it. I dreamed of being a pop star, that fire was in my belly.”

As she grew older, her direction was adjusted. Her conservative parents encouraged her to follow a more traditional and “sensible” route and complete her studies with a university degree. She followed suit with a degree in television and media. Then came love, marriage, moving to London, and four children. One might conclude this here, the fairytale ending, and that is that. For Stacey Jackson, it was merely the beginning.  “I’m an executor. I like to see things happen…I can’t just sit back.” And she hasn’t. A self proclaimed master of her destiny, “there is only one of me.”

Life is too short – take risks

Jackson is a true inspiration for many stay-at-home moms and women of a certain age who, by society’s standards are considered to be too old to begin something new, let alone become a dance music chart topping – award winning – singer songwriter. And she’s still at it, dropping new singles in dance music over the UK summer, building the anticipation of her fourth album release later this year. “I do it all for the fans. It’s all for them.”

April 2024, Jackson is preparing for the UK release of her first book, How A Gangsta Rapper Made Me A Better Mom. With the release of her book already in Canada, reaching number two on Amazon and holding strong its position for two weeks, there’s much to celebrate. Coinciding with the UK release of her book, this powerhouse woman is back in the studio, hard at work rehearsing for her UK summer tour.

How A Gangsta Rapper Made Me A Better Mom

Although a work of fiction, the book’s lead protagonist Stephanie Bloom is in so many ways Stacey Jackson. A stay-at-home mom turned sensational rock star, captivating stages worldwide. Enlisting the help of writer and friend Ruth Elkins, Jackson was able to take her time carefully constructing the first book. Already knowing how book two and three will develop, the vision for this project was clear. “It’s a tongue-in-cheek dramedy. It’s Sex in the City meets Modern Family meets Hannah Montana.”

Stacey Jackson wearing a pink dress inside a photo booth
Stacey Jackson (Image: Provided)

Jackson says the book has always been in her. She’s always had a deep knowing about this story and the journey she was going to take with it. As they say, write what you know – Jackson borrowed many elements of herself for the main character’s narrative. After the first draft was completed, her children stepped in to say it was almost too autobiographical, so she made some very strong changes early in the book, namely killing off the husband on page one (note: this is not a spoiler!), forcing her protagonist to raise her four children solo, while juggling her music career, and managing her late husband’s prestigious restaurants. A freeing step in Jackson’s storytelling process, allowing her to discover so much more about herself as a creative writer. Noting that it was a challenging experience at first, but it was paramount to maintain an authentic tone in the writing which is why she embarked on this journey with the help of Elkins, rather than hire a ghostwriter for the book. It had to be done right.

Jackson adds, “be on top of your creations because nobody cares more about what you do, than you. The only person that is going to take you to those next steps, is you. The only person that is going to make things happen for you, is you.”

What the future holds

Having already planned the next two books in this series, Jackson has been busy recording the audiobook herself, also composing the music to complement the main characters’ presence in the audiobook throughout. Secretly planting seeds, well aware that a book option is on the horizon, she firmly believes it’s only a matter of time before this becomes a TV series excitedly sharing, “Oh, I just know it!”

Art imitating life to a point, and with the love and support of her family, Stacey Jackson seems to be on cloud nine. Still the “embarrassing mom” for her children at times, her golden rule is that she posts nothing without their approval. Keeping it in the family, respecting their privacy and maintaining a balanced and healthy relationship with her children, which is paramount. “They know how hard I work; they also keep me grounded.” An important part of her legacy she wishes to leave for her children, “that my kids know the WORK of hard work, and just being kind, and not compromising. Doing what makes you happy in life. Life is too short, you know? Take risks. Never let an opportunity pass you by. If a door opens, take a peak, you don’t know what’s in there.”

Stacey Jackson’s UK tour kicks off May 16th at The Factory Live in Worthing on the South Coast; Leestock Festival- May 26th, Suffolk; The Camden Club -June 4th, London; Pride in the Park- June 8th, Southampton; Percy’s Cafe -June 14th, Whitchurch; The New Forest Pride- July 27th, Lymington; App Fest- August 3rd, Gloucestershire.

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