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Timeless Denim: Guess Jeans launches the next 40 years of denim with Iris Law

GUESS JEANS is revolutionising the denim industry with its innovative GUESS AIRWASH™ concept, announcing Iris Law as the face of the brand.

By Aaron Pandher

Finding the perfect pair of denim in the right fit, wash and style can be challenging enough. Also, denim that is affordable yet sustainable and will last you many years – let’s just say it’s hard out here. However, we may have just found the ideal antidote. GUESS JEANS is revolutionising the denim industry with its innovative GUESS AIRWASH™ concept and modernising of archival styles, announcing British actress and model Iris Law as the face of the brand.

The Collection

GUESS JEANS with Iris Law, Photographed by Rafael Pavarotti (Imagery Provided)

The new collection photographed by Rafael Pavarotti, rooted in denim and Americana, captures Iris Law in staple pieces that highlight the essence of the brand’s legacy. GUESS JEANS, built on forty years of heritage, is positioned as a springboard for the next four decades of American fashion.

This GUESS JEANS collection offers a complete wardrobe centered around GUESS AIRWASH™ denim. It features denim pants, shirts, and jackets in various fits for both men and women. Additionally, the collection draws inspiration from archival designs of the 1980s and ’90s, modernised for contemporary appeal. Each piece is crafted from organic or recycled materials, reflecting GUESS JEANS’ commitment to sustainable manufacturing and authentic fashion.

The Technology

The launch features the cutting-edge GUESS AIRWASH™ technology, a sustainable alternative to traditional stone washing. Created by Creative Director Nicolai Marciano and developed by Jeanologia, this technology significantly reduces water and energy consumption by using air and bubbles instead of water and pumice stones.

In the words of GUESS, “In the 1980s, GUESS made denim fashionable; in the 2020s, GUESS JEANS makes it sustainable.”


Priced accessibly, with denim pants retailing at EUR 89.00. The collection will be available globally starting May 21st, 2024, at as well as the first new GUESS JEANS flagship store in Amsterdam.