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Audacia Holding: Supporting and growing promising E-Commerce brands

Alexandre Bonvin is an expert at acquiring promising niche brands and expanding them into market giants.

By Jon Stojan

Alexandre Bonvin

E-commerce is one of today’s most volatile markets, but that did not stop Alexandre Bonvin. As CEO and founder of Audacia Holding, Bonvin specializes in acquiring e-commerce companies and building them into profitable empires. Since acquiring his first brand in 2018, Bonvin has expanded Audacia, which manages over sixteen online platforms and serves over 2.5 million customers worldwide.

Audacia began with Bonvin’s acquisition of the Swiss e-shop KissKiss. A Swiss native, Bonvin is always looking for Swiss and European companies to acquire. After graduating from the London School of Economics and MIT Sloan, Bonvin hunted for his first business venture. His acquisition of KissKiss, an adult toy and accessory company, led to the brand becoming a market leader and the launch of Audacia Holding. Since then, Bonvin has continued acquiring promising niche brands and expanding them into market giants. Audacia’s brands are active in more than forty-five countries worldwide, and the company recently celebrated its fifth anniversary.

Bonvin is a pioneer in e-commerce, not only for his work consolidating e-commerce brands but for his visionary strategy of utilizing the blockchain. Audacia Group was one of the first companies to tokenize its shares on the blockchain in 2021. Following Audacia’s success, Bonvin has been featured in Swiss media like Bilan’s Entrepreneurs Under 40, PME Magazine, Le Temps, and Watson. Audacia has also been profiled in global media such as The Daily Mail, USA Today, Forbes Europe, and International Business Times. Bonvin was also granted the audience award at the 2023 Swiss Who’s Who NextGen Awards Ceremony.

Rasing Switzerland’s business profile is a mission close to Bonvin’s heart. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Bonvin relocated Audacia’s offices to Sion, Switzerland. Working in his hometown satisfied Bonvin and allowed him to bring jobs and revenue to the area. He hopes to make Audacia one of the Swiss references in e-commerce, creating a hub of private equity and e-commerce in Sion.

Because of the inherent challenges of the e-commerce industry, success at Bonvin’s level is rare. Challenged by real-world events–like the pandemic–Audacia had to adapt to the current environment; adapting has now become one of the company’s specialties. Changing products, services, operational processes, and customer experience to fit market needs is a constant obstacle for the company. However, with Audacia, Bonvin has built something unique. Their buy-and-build strategy for acquiring and consolidating e-commerce companies has made them a leader in the e-commerce field.

The next step for Audacia Holding is to support and grow its brands in the best way possible. Audacia is already known for giving brands like Stickerkid, SweetPlaid, and My Little Necklace their full support while scaling them, and they plan to continue this. Keeping up with the ever-changing e-commerce landscape is near impossible for most small brands, so Audacia saves the day with its proprietary strategies. With Bonvin’s keen mind and wealth of knowledge on their side, Audacia Holding is sure to flourish.

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