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‘Doctor Who’ showrunner Russell T.Davies tells Rolling Stone UK about the show’s return

'It's always pushing forward, it's always got something to say and has always tried to welcome people in.'

By Nick Reilly

Russell T Davies (Picture: Rolling Stone UK/YouTube)

As the Doctor Who fandom prepares for the full debut of Ncuti Gatwa as the fifteenth doctor on Christmas Day, showrunner Russell T.Davies has discussed the show’s storied legacy, as well as the honour of winning the TV Award at the Rolling Stone UK Awards.

“Doctor Who was one of the first Sci-Fi franchises, before Star Trek and before Star Wars, all those behemoths, it was there and it’s kind of unique for being British, for being this long running and being a show that always reinvented itself and for having the most amazing fandom really. We’re supported and loved by the fans and that means a lot,” he told Rolling Stone UK in an exclusive new interview.

Hailing Doctor Who as “British television at its best”, Davies went on to explain how it is a “modern” show that always reflected the “changes in society”.

“Jodie Whittaker was the first female Doctor, many years too late, some would say, but my goodness she arrived in style. Now Ncuti Gatwa is the first Black doctor. It’s always pushing forward, it’s always got something to say and has always tried to welcome people in. From my point of view, whatever I make on television, I try to embrace queerness and queer politics and that’s like breathing to me because that’s my world. That’s how I live.”

Davies, who returned to the show as being the first show-runner of the rebooted series back in 2005, also hailed its recent win at the Rolling Stone UK Awards as “profoundly moving”.

“It’s really great to have Doctor Who recognised by Rolling Stone UK because it’s not necessarily the show you might turn to, there’s more adult shows, there’s more punky shows and there’s more wilder shows, but in its own way, sitting at the heart of family viewing on primetime BBC One, this *is* a radical show.

“It does have amazing things to say and I really, really appreciate the magazine and the publishers, all of you, reaching out like this, to acknowledge the show. I appreciate it hugely.”

Doctor Who returns to BBC One at 5.55PM on Christmas Day.