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A. G. Cook announces new album ‘Britpop’ with Charli XCX-featuring title track

The 24-track album will be split into three parts, Past, Present and Future.

By Will Richards

A. G. Cook
A. G. Cook (Picture: Henry Redcliffe)

A. G. Cook has announced details of a mammoth new album called Britpop, and shared its Charli XCX-featuring title track.

The 24-track album will be split into three parts, Past, Present and Future.

The announcement of the album comes after the news last year that Cook’s label PC Music will be winding down in 2024 and no longer releasing new music.

The new album is set to be released on May 10 via Cook’s New Alias label. Listen to the title track below.

The new album’s three parts will trace Cook’s career to date and beyond. Past is set to honour his electronic roots, with Present focusing on his songwriting. Future is then described as “an amalgamation of genre” that will point towards what’s next.

When announcing the end of PC Music in conjunction with the label’s 10th anniversary next year, Cook said: “After a decade of activity, 2023 will be PC Music’s final year of new releases.

“Following that, the label will be dedicated to archival projects and special reissues. We have an undisclosed number of new albums and singles coming very soon.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone UK in 2022, Cook reflected on the label’s legacy and the supposed death of hyper-pop, saying: “As a phenomenon, it’s kind of an insane level of power that they leveraged at that exact moment. Also, you’re modifying a word like ‘pop’, which is already so generous and weird. Like, what is pop anyway?

“It’s almost been designed to make people argue about the definition. I don’t think the word ‘hyperpop’ would have taken off and evolved naturally without that level of Spotify curation. I think it’s more of an invention than a genre, which is why it’s never been alive or dead.”