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Easy Life confirm they are changing their name following EasyGroup lawsuit

They will play two last-minute UK gigs this week, their final shows as Easy Life.

By Will Richards

Easy Life
Easy Life (Picture: Jack Bridgland)

Easy Life have confirmed that they have been forced to change their name following a high-profile lawsuit from EasyGroup.

Last week, the Leicester-bred, London-based band revealed that they were being sued by the company over their name and the use of the ‘easy’ brand.

After they were supported by political figures including their local MP Harriet Harman in their fight to keep the name, the band have now confirmed that they simply don’t have the financial might to go through with the lawsuit.

A new post on their website says the band have “explored literally every possible angle” but have “realised that there are no good options available” except changing their name.

They said: “Sadly, it seems that justice is only available to those who can afford it. We simply don’t have the funds to access a fair trial in the high court. Not to mention the fact that this would likely rattle on through to 2025, and with this hanging over us we wouldn’t be able to release any music in the meantime. Our careers, and indeed our lives, would be on hold.

“We’re not a nameless company; as you’ve seen, it’s our own personal names on the paperwork. This means that should we lose, the costs will be recouped from us personally. They could take everything; material possessions, our livelihoods, our homes.”

The band added on X/Twitter that the lawsuit was “essentially David vs Goliath and our British legal system favours Goliath.”

They added: “Even though we aren’t able to fight this, we now need to go into a period of legal mediation with EasyGroup about what happens next. We’re really hoping they might be gracious about this, and we are hopeful for the opportunity to finally put out the song we know you’ve been wanting for years. Still not as we’d imagined, but it’s a song for you guys and we want you to have it.

“It’s with the deepest sadness that I confirm once again, that we, as easy life, will be playing our final shows this week. Perhaps our case will help provoke a dialogue around legal reform and justice being available to all, however I fear such conversations will fall on deaf ears. Who knows what will happen next, every storm runs out of rain eventually.”

The band will play newly-announced final gigs as Easy Life in Leicester and London this week. Find details below and tickets here.