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Snow Let It Out! Oasis tribute band stranded with punters in Yorkshire pub for third night

Those trapped as a result of Storm Arwen are hoping to be freed from the building today

By Tom Skinner

Punters are trapped at the Tan Hill Inn (Picture: Tan Hill Inn)

Noasis, an Oasis tribute act, are snowed in at a pub in the Yorkshire Dales following a live show on Friday.

As Manchester Evening News reports, the Tan Hill Inn – Britain’s highest pub – was buried in 5ft of snow on Friday night (November 26) as a result of Storm Arwen. It’s said that 61 people – including punters, staff and the band – were left stuck.

Mike Kenny, the owner of the establishment, told MEN: “We recommended anyone in the pub to stay out rather than endanger life on the snow covered moors. No one is going anywhere yet.

“The police advised we all stay out for now. Our snowplough is snowed in!”

Taking to Twitter on Saturday afternoon (November 27), Noasis – who describe themselves as “the nation’s favourite Oasis tribute band” – told their followers that they were “stranded” at the Tan Hill Inn.

At around 7:30pm last night (November 28), the group said they were “stranded for a third night”, adding: “Hope it rains tomorrow.”

The trapped guests had to sleep in makeshift beds at the pub, according to The Guardian. Staff organised a karaoke night, screened films on a projector and served Sunday lunch to keep spirits up. Nicola Townsend, the pub’s general manager, said those inside had “formed quite a friendship”.

“Like a big family is the best way I can describe it,” she continued. “One lady actually said ‘I don’t want to leave.’”

A mountain rescuer managed to get to the Tan Hill Inn – which is 528m above sea level – to give medical attention to one guest with an ongoing condition.

Another staff member, Anya Harnett, told the BBC that people were “making the best of the situation”. “Everyone is welcome to stay as long as needed,” they said, “we’ve got enough supplies to keep people warm and fed.”

Townsend appeared on ‘BBC Breakfast’ this morning (November 29) to give another update.

“[Noasis] have been getting their guitars out and doing a bit of acoustic [performance] in the different rooms that we have here,” she told the programme. “And everyone’s just really enjoyed it.”

When asked when she thinks an escape may be possible, she replied: “We should get an update shortly about whether [Highways have] got the plough to come through this morning for us.” You can watch the interview above.