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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo launches new record label Blissoo

She's the latest member of the K-pop icons to launch their own new venture in recent months.

By Will Richards

Blackpink (Picture: Getty)
Blackpink (Picture: Getty)

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has become the latest member of the K-pop band to launch her own new venture, setting up record label Blissoo.

The record-breaking group are currently on a break from band-related activities, with Lisa recently announcing her acting debut and Jennie re-launching her solo career after half a decade.

Now, Jisoo has confirmed that she will launch her own label. She describes Blissoo as a “new start,” adding that the label is “dedicated to bringing joy and happiness to each and every one of you”.

The label added: “Transcending the boundaries of genres and fields, our mission is to share the happiness that JISOO creates in her own unique way.”

Jennie and Lisa also have their own labels, called Odd Atelier (OA) and LLOUD respectively.

BLACKPINK’s last single came in the form of ‘The Girls’, which arrived last year as part of the soundtrack for the Korean group’s new mobile video game, BLACKPINK THE GAME.

All four band members signed a new exclusive agreement with YG Entertainment at the end of last year, with the company promising “new albums” and “world tours” from the quartet.