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Charli XCX shares expanded edition of new album ‘Crash’ – listen

It features four songs not featured on the original 'Crash' release

By Charlotte Krol

Charli wears bodysuit by House of Harlot (Picture: Jack Bridgland)
Charli wears bodysuit by House of Harlot (Picture: Jack Bridgland)

Charli XCX has released the deluxe edition of her new album ‘Crash‘.

The expanded edition includes four new songs: ‘Selfish Girl’, ‘How Can I Not Know What I Need Right Now’, ‘Sorry If I Hurt You’ and ‘What You Think About Me’. Stream it below.

Charli XCX previewed her fifth studio album, which was released last Friday (March 18), with several singles including ‘Beg For You‘, ‘Good Ones’, ‘New Shapes‘, ‘Every Rule’ and ‘Baby’.

The pop singer spoke to Rolling Stone UK for a recent digital cover story. She addressed criticism of the heavily interpolated ‘Beg for You’ ft. Rina Sawayama and how it impacted her mentally.

“I’ve been feeling quite low throughout 2022, to be honest. I feel like my mental health has really taken a toll,” Aitchison said, becoming tearful during the interview.

“I’ve never cared if you like my music or hate my music – don’t listen to it if you don’t like it – but I think at a time when I was already feeling quite low, that kind of rhetoric honestly just really hurt my feelings,” she said. “There is this misconception that people in the public eye are able to take any shit that you throw at them and yes, we do have to learn how to handle negativity and criticism because it comes with the territory, but at the same time, everyone’s a fucking human being. I guess on that day that I messaged that I felt more human than ever.”

Charli XCX wears a bikini with blood dripping down her head in a press shot
‘CRASH’ is out on March 18. (Photo: Press)

“As an extremely online artist,” interviewer Hannah Ewens wrote, “she understands that this is the nature of self-promoting yourself and your work on social media.”

Charli added to Rolling Stone UK: “The second you see something negative written about yourself, I feel like it’s like survival of the fittest to focus in on that and try to protect yourself from the threat, the negative potential danger, in a really animalistic type of way.”

The singer goes on a North American and European tour next month – check out the dates here.