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Hozier confirmed to play last minute Glastonbury set tonight

The Irish star will play a just-announced set on Woodsies this evening.

By Nick Reilly

Hozier poses with a purple sky behind him
Hozier (Picture: Press)

Hozier has confirmed he’ll be heading to Glastonbury tonight to play a last minute set.

The Irish star will play the Woodsies stage at 7.30PM this evening, which marks his first performance at the festival since 2019.

The singer, who will release his latest album Unreal Unearth in August, said he was “thrilled” to be playing the set on Woodsies, which was previously known as the John Peel Stage.

He’s the first major star to be confirmed for a secret set, but mystery still remains about the identity of The Churnups – who are set to play the Pyramid Stage this evening.

It was initially believed that it could be an alias for Pulp, but now all the evidence points towards Foo Fighters being the mystery act.

It comes after a huge clue was dropped in a note to fans following their first comeback shows since the tragic death of Taylor Hawkins.

“And when I see your joy, it brings me joy. But, I see you… and it feels good to see you, churning up these emotions together. Because we’ve always done this together. Time and time again. See you soon,” wrote Grohl.

However, it’s the noted use of the phrase “churning up these emotions” that has led to speculation surrounding the Foos.

Hozier, meanwhile, recently told Rolling Stone UK how his new music has found unlikely influence from Dante’s Inferno.

“The album is quite eclectic and there’s something of a retrospective in what the sounds lean into,” he explained.

While keen to stress that the record is by no means a concept album, Hozier went on to explain how Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell had provided a handy framing device for the record. Specifically, the album reflects upon two of the nine circles of hell: gluttony and heresy.

“There’s a subtle element and I wanted to be light and playful with it. The album can be taken as a collection of songs, but also as a little bit of a journey. It starts with a descent and I’ve arranged the songs according to their themes into nine circles, just playfully reflecting Dante’s nine circles and then an ascent at the end,” he said.

“Because I think everyone went on a little bit of a journey over the last two years, everybody went through something changed, something about their lives, something about their work, something about themselves and came out the other side, slightly changed in some way, shape or form and that, it was sort of, that was just, that’s just how the album is arranged.”

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