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Liam Gallagher responds to AI Oasis album: ‘I sound mega!’

AISIS has received the seal of approval from LG himself.

By Nick Reilly

Liam Gallagher press shot, 2022
(Photo: Press)

Liam Gallagher has responded after a new musical project imagined what Oasis might have sounded like if the band had stayed together.

The eight-track album, called AISIS (geddit?) emerged earlier this week and is the brainchild of Hastings indie band Breezer. The group originally created the original music for the group during lockdown in 2021, but decided to enlist AI technology to replace the group’s original singer with the iconic voice of Liam Gallagher.

While other recent AI creations such as a collab between Drake & The Weeknd have firmly divided music fans, Oasis lovers have delivered an altogether more positive reaction. It’s racked up 68,000 views and fans have given it the thumbs up.

“This is utterly, massively and phenomenally amazing on all levels. Bring on Volume 2!,” wrote one.

Another said: “This is honestly mind blowing. It’s like if Liam magically de-aged and reformed Oasis with Noel! I tracked Breezer down on Spotify, and I’m even more impressed with the original vocals! I don’t know if you guys are still active, but boy I really wish I could hear more of your stuff!”

Now, it’s received the seal of approval from LG himself.

Asked for his opinion, Gallagher said on Twitter: “Not the album heard a tune. It’s better than all the other snizzle out there.”

He told another follower that he thought the project was “Mad as fuck” and that “I sound mega”.

Oasis split up in 2009 after an explosive backstage row erupted between Noel and Liam Gallagher in Paris, but rumours of a potential reunion have persisted ever since.