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Liam Gallagher says Noel is playing ‘hard to get’ during ‘Definitely Maybe’ tour show

Liam made the dedication at a show in Cardiff.

By Nick Reilly

Last night saw Liam Gallagher dedicate a song to Noel at his Definitely Maybe show in Cardiff, while quipping that his brother was “still playing hard to get” when it comes to an Oasis reunion.

Liam is currently on a UK and Ireland tour to mark the 30th anniversary of Oasis’ seminal 1994 debut, which sees him play the record in full alongside a selection of other stand-out tracks from the time.

When it came to introducing the ‘Whatever’ B-side ‘Half the World Away’ – originally sung by Noel – Liam said: “So I’m gonna dedicate this next tune to my little brother, who’s still playing hard to get.”

He continued: “But that’s alright. Word on the street is he was spotted in a really posh chocolate shop – one of them Thorntons – buying some chocolates. So you never know! D’you know what I mean?”

That quip comes after Liam said earlier this year that Noel should “send him a box of chocolates” as a way of apologising for the band’s acrimonious break-up in 2009.

“He knows I’m not going to call him,” Liam explained. “He’s the one who split the band up, so he’ll be doing the calling, and if there is no calling we won’t be getting back together.”

More recently, Liam also said that Ride guitarist Andy Bell should be not be “getting people’s hopes up” after he suggested a reunion was likely.

Asked about the likelihood of an Oasis reunion, either with him involved or not, Bell said earlier this year: “Yeah, they probably will [reunite]. I think yeah, they probably will do it. I don’t think it looks likely right now, but life is long, isn’t it?”

Last year, Noel accused Liam of trying to “rewrite history” regarding Oasis‘ final year as a band. The Britpop heroes broke up in 2009 after a final tour, which Noel has called “not happy” and criticised Liam’s reading of the time. According to the Daily Star, Gallagher has referred to the band’s final year as “dreadful” and added: “The last tour was not happy. The other fella is trying to rewrite history that it was all fucking great. It wasn’t.”