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Matty Healy demands Oasis reunion: ‘they need to grow up’

The 1975 frontman was talking to CBC in Canada

By Joe Goggins

Screengrab of Matty Healy in an interview with CBC, 2022
Healy's comments came a day after The 1975 played their smallest hometown show in almost ten years.(Photo: YouTube)

Matty Healy has implored Oasis to reform, saying “they need to grow up.”

In a new interview with CBC, recorded in Toronto in December but only released on YouTube yesterday (February 2), The 1975 frontman expressed his anger at the ongoing feud between Noel Gallagher and his younger brother, Liam.

“What are Oasis doing? Can you imagine? Being in, potentially, right now, still, the coolest band in the world, and not doing it because you’re in a hard with your brother. Do you know what I mean? I can deal with them dressing like they’re in their twenties, and being in their fifties, but acting like they’re in their twenties? They need to grow up.”

“Stop marding,” he went on. “They’re like, men of the people, and they’re sat around in Little Venice and Highgate, crying over an argument with their brother. Grow up! Headline Glastonbury. There is not one person who is going to a High Flying Birds gig, or a Liam Gallagher gig, who would not rather be at an Oasis gig. There is not one person that is there going, “you know what? I loved Definitely Maybe, but my favourite thing is fucking Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.”

“Do me a favour,” he concluded. “Get back together, stop messing around. That’s my public service announcement for today.” In response to his comments, CBC have light-heartedly launched a petition to bring the band back together “in peace and harmony.” You can sign it here.

Last month, Noel Gallagher announced his fourth album with High Flying Birds, Council Skies. Around the same time, news emerged that he is to divorce his partner of 22 years, Sara MacDonald, who had previously been blamed by Liam for Oasis’ inactivity. The frontman appeared to respond in jest to the situation on Twitter last month when he said: “Just had RKID on the phone begging for forgiveness bless him wants to meet up what Dya reckon meet up or fuck him off.”

Healy’s discussion with CBC’s Tom Power was wide-ranging, touching upon music, transcendence and sincerity. It arrived a day after The 1975 played their smallest hometown show in nearly a decade, at Manchester’s Gorilla; a charity gig in aid of War Child, it saw them play their 2013 self-titled debut in full for the first time ever.