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Noel Gallagher says he’s been approached about an Oasis musical

Liam Gallagher previously shared his idea for a plot

By Tom Skinner

Gallagher believes working class teenagers have been priced out of starting a band. (Photo: YouTube)

Noel Gallagher has said that he’s been approached about making a musical based on Oasis.

The High Flying Birds musician recently took part in a new YouTube interview with his friend and podcaster Matt Morgan, who suggested there could be a project similar to the Queen stage show ‘We Will Rock You’.

“The idea of a musical has been floated to me on more than one occasion,” Gallagher replied.

“Somebody had an idea of like a Noel Gallagher one called ‘Everybody Is On The Run’ and then there was an idea for another Oasis one.” You can watch the conversation below.

Speaking to The Sun in 2019, the singer said: “The musical! People have been on to me about that for the last 10 years. And funnily enough, ‘Live Forever’ is always the title.”

Gallagher continued: “I spoke to an English guy who works on Broadway who knows about these things and he was like saying, ‘Your journey from rags to riches’. “And I was like, ‘Do you have to make it so Dickensian? I never wore any rags’.

“People do love that shit, I know. It’s inevitable it will happen one day. I will go and see it once.”

Elsewhere, Noel’s estranged brother and former bandmate Liam shared his own vision for “Oasis The Musical”.

“Five lads from Manchester start a band and take on the world,” he wrote on Twitter. “The little one who writes the songs turns into a massive cunt, sacks everyone except his little brother as he ain’t got the arse. Splits up the band, there’s a story line for ya – THE END LG x.”

There have been calls for Oasis to make a comeback following their far from amicable split in 2009. Both Gallagher brothers have since embarked on solo careers; Liam’s third album ‘C’MON YOU KNOW’ is set to arrive in May, while Noel released his ‘Back The Way We Came: Vol 1 (2011-2021)’ compilation earlier this year.

‘Oasis Knebworth 1996’, a film documenting the group’s legendary pair of concerts, hit the big screen in 2021. It became the highest-grossing documentary of the year, bringing in a total of £634,728 (as of late September).